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hi! i'm mister R. welcome to my super cool website.

so these personal web page things used to be popular a while back before we had facebook profiles or anything, and i thought 'hey that sounds kinda cool i should get one of those' so i went and made a sort of almost-website for myself because it seems more central than just having a facebook, a twitter, a myspace and so on. but yeah here it is!

i made this website so that i could have a single place to put all the things i have to say and and all the weird stuff i find strewn about the internet, and put it out there and share it with anyone who might somehow find themselves here.

also i might get some other people to put stuff up here if i get the chance because well, i'm a pretty lazy guy, y'know? can't expect me to do all the legwork for the site i named after myself - that would just be silly! mainly i'm hoping to do a lot of work with my super secret friend who's a cool dude just like me. we're pretty much co-running the site actually! it's great!

so yeah, look around a bit. have fun! there's not a whole lot of stuff here right now, but see what you can find :3 - mister R

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about me
mister R is me. yes that's right i am mister R and i am here to be cool and run a website too :3
i am the coolest or at least in the top million coolest people i think, and i scour the internet in search of interesting stuff the kind of stuff one would be interested in. it's pretty fun!
also no one knows my real name (well, no one on the internet) i keep my private life private and away from the internet which makes me quite a mysterious figure on the internet (not a mystery anyone wants to solve but oh well)
my one weakness i think is i like comic sans a lot

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you're pretty great :3